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Internal Transition

Client Centered

For businesses with business-active family members or valuable key employees, maintaining internal ownership can be deeply rewarding, and make financial sense for the current generation of owner.

  • Owner(s) wish to maintain their equity wealth in the business over a longer period before a shareholder transition.
  • Business active family members and/or key employees see the business as part of the fabric of the community and have a strong interest in maintaining and growing the business for future generations.
  • Current internal talent is capable and prepared to take on critical management roles prior to transitioning into business ownership.
  • Ownership desires to create the right financial framework to preserve the business’s ability to grow, and enable clear management succession to protect family wealth and future legacies.

Keeping the business within the family is often the legacy that business owners hope to achieve. We can help structure a transition in a way to continue your successful business legacy, and protect and transfer your equity wealth to you in the most strategic and legally tax efficient manner.