Total Wealth Planning for Businesses

Financial guidance that assures your business goals and plans support your personal financial position.

Any plan for a future business transition starts with identifying your goals, and your current position. You may be able to meet your goals with the assets you have. Or, you may need to grow your business and invest more cash, or monetize part or all of your business. At TransitioNext Advisors, we help you identify three cornerstones to lay the foundation for your plan:

three cornerstones

Three things need to be aligned to successfully sell or transfer your business:

  1. Your business needs to be ready
  2. You need to be ready – financial goals met
  3. The market needs to be ready

Your Business Needs to Be Ready

Before you can monetize your equity wealth, your company needs to be at the peak of its value. Your plan will show you all the value drivers that you can improve to increase your company’s value over time. When your company is ready, TNA will help you find the most accurate industry multiple to help determine the market value of your company.*


You Need To Be Ready

A business sale or transition is often the final piece of a long-term financial plan to retire or step into a new chapter in life. A solid individual financial plan is critical to have in place before a business transitions plan can be started. Ideally, you have met most of your personal financial goals before you sell or transition your business. At TransitioNext Advisors, we help you craft an individual plan that integrates seamlessly with your family, your business and your goals to live a life of significance.

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The Market Needs To Be Ready

Right now, the market is strong for well-run, profitable businesses. However, if interest rates begin to rise, overall economic growth and the market for private businesses could be negatively impacted.

Demographic trends also have an impact on the overall market for private businesses. According to an article by Axial (June 25, 2013) Baby Boomers owned 66% of private businesses. As these Baby Boomers age in their 70s in 2020 and beyond, there is the potential for a large supply of businesses available for sale or acquisition, which could depress the value of companies for sellers.

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*TransitioNext Advisors does not provide qualified business valuations. For a qualified or certified business valuation, consult a properly credentialed appraiser.