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The TransitioNext Process

Transitioning away from ownership and/or control of your business is difficult. It is time-consuming, filled with uncertainty, and can be emotionally fraught. Your business is unique, and no one knows this better than you. We understand this. Every transition is different--ownerships’ goals are not the same, resources vary, talent is more or less available to you. What we do for a family business is driven by: what the business needs, and what guidance the family is looking for.

The TransitioNext Process

Our process is structured to help you identify options to achieve your goal of business exit or internal transition, lay out the path to your goal, and work with you and your trusted advisors to implement the groundwork for your eventual exit/transition. Between that time and your actual exit, we will meet with you regularly to measure the metrics of growth and structure that help assure a successful exit. And when you are ready, we will be with you through the transition process.

What makes a transition successful?

We recognize that successful exits or internal transitions must address these key areas:

  • Timeline--owner's departure date
  • Shareholder financial planning and needs analysis
    • What will your financial situation look like post-transition
    • How do you protect and support your family
  • Target successor
  • Preliminary valuation
  • Future cash flow estimates
  • Total Wealth Planning

Your business is your life’s work and your family’s legacy, and moments of change aren’t just an Excel modeling exercise. Transitions are the best opportunities to maximize value, protect, and grow what you have cultivated for yourself and future generations.

How to get started

To discuss how to design a transition that has the potential to lead to something even greater, click here to schedule a complimentary 45-minute introductory call.