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Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is a means of handling a variety of transfer events and consequences that impact the business and the remaining (or new) owner when the original owner leaves. This white paper discusses business continuity planning in a way that you may not expect.

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Business Growth by Acquisition

Acquiring other businesses is a tool that business owners use when growing their own businesses. The operative work is growing, since the purpose of growing your business through acquisition is to increase the value of your existing business.

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Business Valuation

Obtaining a valuation helps to dispel many of the common misconceptions that owners have about the value of their businesses and what the values mean to their overall exit plan. Using the services of an experienced appraiser may help  you reap all the value of your life’s work.

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C vs. S Corporation

It is difficult to imagine a more elementary decision, one made initially when you begin your business and often never changed. Consequences—harmful or beneficial—arising from your choice of business entity come crashing down when you decide to exit the business.

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