Who We Are

Personalized Total Wealth Planning

that integrates your goals for:
Personal Finances > Family Wealth > Business Transition

We are a team of financial and business advisors who treat every decision as if we were in your shoes. We work in total collaboration with each other, your company, your family, and any strategic partners such as attorneys, business coaches, accountants, and other financial professionals in whom your family has put their trust. Our firm’s foundation is four core practices that encompass everything we do:

  • Our Relationships are rooted in close friendships, as a confidante and trusted resource – we aim to prove the value of our relationship every day by always being responsive and getting to know our clients like a close trusted friend.
  • Like a good shepherd, we strive to help guide and protect our clients’ financial futures – We help business owners, families and individuals understand what their future looks like. We guide our clients, aim to help keep them from harm and keep all professionals involved in their journey aligned and moving in the right direction. Our personalized holistic approach lets us untangle and manage complexities around a business transition, a personal financial plan and a family estate plan, even if they all need to happen simultaneously.
  • Our clients’ success is our motivation – We exist to help families successfully land on their feet whenever a life-altering event occurs – a business transition, retirement, college, death of a family member or birth of a grandchild and the list goes on. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the outcome fits the desired need.
  • Our quest to be the best drives our innovation – What we do is very hard work and goes well beyond just wealth management. Our team has the courage to have the tough conversations that need to take place to produce the best outcome. We could not do this work if we did not care deeply about the outcomes.

Our Mission

We take the complexity out of planning for the future through the delivery of holistic personal financial and business transition planning that empowers individuals to stop worrying and to continue to live remarkable lives.

What We Do

We focus on Total Wealth Planning for individuals who manage a household or run a business, including the core areas of:

Meet the team


As one unified team, we offer a range of financial services to serve your needs:

  • Transition
    • External (Exit)
    • Internal transfers
    • Succession
  • Family business consulting
  • Shareholder Financial Planning (includes all your business assets)
  • Individual Financial Planning
  • Insurance and protection planning
  • Qualified/non-qualified executive compensation plans
  • Corporate and individual retirement plans
  • Total Wealth Planning

We recognize that business owners’ full financial picture encompasses more than corporate financials, and our approach is one of Total Wealth Planning to help you achieve a strong financial backbone for your family.